One Small Thing

One small thing that you can do that can change the environment

What we are trying to fix/stop

Our overuse of devices that use electric which is produced at powerplants release CO2 or other harmful chemicals into the enviroment. CO2 is harmful for the enviroment because it causes global average temperatures to rise. The rising of the temperatures destroys natrual habitats of animals.

Goal Statement

I will turn off/unplug lights, speakers, and other electronic devices overnight, when completely charged, and when not in use at my house.

How It Helps

  • 10% of electrical use are from devices that can be turned off (Standby Power)
  • Reducing the amount of power consumption indirectly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air (Estimation of Standby)

According to research presented above, up to 10% of a household power consumption comes from devices that can be turned off. This can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released by power plants.

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